Pass the Corona – Just Kidding – Don’t Pass Me S**T!

Yes, I know LIFE SUCKS for many reasons right now.  Though we mustn’t forget our many blessings folks (no matter how cloudy our skies)!  I can bet the majority of folks reading this article (myself included) took the importance of human interaction for granted.  At what point did we ever conceive that the times in which we currently live in would be a reality?  We can’t go anywhere???  What?  No flights??? What?  No more happy hours, get togethers, parties, or fun???  What?! What?! What?!

The mere thought of such a state was probably laughable at the beginning of this year, yet, here we are: QUARANTINED.  It sucks, but it is necessary.  We have to comply and be vigilant/super careful or this awful virus will handicap us for longer than it already has.  I hope everyone reading this is practicing all the necessary measures that we need to take, in order to stop the spread of this crazy, crippling sickness.

Is there a silver lining?  I’m glad you asked.  There are actually a couple.  Some of us have gotten more rest these past few weeks than we have since college.  Some of us have finally been given the mental break to focus on personal projects that we have long put off.  And some of us now have more time to spend with our children and families than ever before.  But what is something ALL of us are being forced to do?  We are forced to stay physically away from one another and thus forced to have more conversations!  I know there is not much consolation in that statement, but the truth is: old school love is happening right now.   

What do I mean by that?  Well now, without social gatherings, do you know what’s on the DECLINE and (for the most part) out of the picture?  One-night-stands, impromptu rendezvous, and substance-less relationships. No socializing at bars, parties, events, BBQ’s, nada.  So… what is everyone forced to do?  Shall I dare say it?  WE ARE FORCED TO TALK TO ONE ANOTHER, to actually get to know each other, and form meaningful bonds! God-forbid.  Lol.  Before social media, text messaging and smart phones, we used to have something called: telephones.  And telephones led to actual conversations.  Isn’t it crazy that it took a small thing like a “global life-threatening virus” to force us all to interact like we did back in the good ole’ days?

I bet there is a good percentage of folks out there that were in relationships before all of this started and now that you are forced to really get to know each other, are finding out that the other person doesn’t seem as good a fit as before.  These extraordinary circumstances will either make or break relationships.  Either way, what is meant to happen will happen and what is meant to come to the surface will start to float.  Silver lining?  Yes.  Blessing in disguise?  Totally.  Hard pill to swallow for some?  For sure.

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

Everything that manifests itself in your life is there because it is on the same wavelength of the vibration that resulted from your thoughts and actions.  COVID-19, a super awful and inconvenient force, is its own vibration.  It will be knocking many of us from the paths we have been chugging along on, and pushing us into different directions.  This notion may be scary for some and enlightening for others.

There are a few outcomes for the world’s population after the virus has been eradicated and we are able to finally return to our normal lives:  AA will likely be the new hip club to join, as many of us ween ourselves off of the alcohol.  Folks will either emerge with the body of a god or goddess or the Pillsbury doughboy.  And couples will either be pregnant or separating.  In each of these scenarios, I want to wish you the best-case scenario as you walk down life’s new path.   I hope that you take good care of your health, your heart, your mind, and your bodies.  And don’t be afraid of the changes to come with regard to the relationships that are forming or breaking around you.  In the wake of this storm, isolation is forcing introspection and self-growth.  All good things.

I can almost bet that the bonds forming at this time (old and new) will be a key ingredient in your relationships’ recipe to ensure longevity.  True, long lasting connections will replace what our society has sadly forgotten about: how to build solid, gritty, relationships filled with substance.

So… no need to pass me a beer or glass of wine, I will pour my own for now… but do… please do hand me some conversation or leave me with some memories that have the potential to live on past the virus  🙂