Question: Should I delete my ex from all social media if I am still in love?


Dear Miss Penny,

Should I delete my ex from all of my social media if I am still in love with him?  It brings me such anxiety when I think of deleting him.  However, I feel the same level of anxiety (coupled with pain) when I see him with someone else. Heartbreak is so painful. Please help!

Thank you,

Miss Can’t-Seem-To-Get-Over-Him


Dear Miss Can’t-Seem-To-Get-Over-Him:

Relationships consist of time and space spent with someone you care about. When there is a break up and the relationship is over, it is normal to experience sadness and confusion about how to best move on.  It is super important to allow yourself the time to heal emotionally.  How do you best do that?  People heal in different ways.  However, it does make it super hard to get over someone if you have pictures of them flashing across your screen when you go on your social media sites.  Sometimes, out of sight does lead to out of mind.  Doing the opposite is counterproductive – meaning it could be holding you back from actually moving on.

Some people would look at their ex with someone else and use it to give them strength to move on.  But if looking at those pictures brings you a drop of sadness – DELETE HIM!!!  Take a deep breath and delete him from ALL of your social media.  You have NOTHING to lose.  You can only gain in this scenario.  Life is too short.  Don’t dwell on a relationship that you know you should get over.  If it’s over, I assume it’s over for a good reason.  Work on yourself.  Do things to better yourself, advance your goals in life, and concentrate on YOU.  Happiness will come to you… it will be drawn to you.

Women are resilient and can often be reborn after heartbreak.  Be strong, stay focused and always remember: every day spent with the wrong person is a day taken away from the one you are meant to be with.