Is Jada the New Oprah?

As many are aware, Oprah Winfrey dominated the talk show arena in the 90s and during the first decade at the turn of the century.  Her technique, demeanor, and incontestable effect on her following has been unmatched.  In a nutshell: there has been none like Oprah, not before her and not after her.  It would not be an understatement to say that no such person has come close to even being viewed in the same light as Oprah, until I saw Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk.      

Red Table Talk – what an ingenious idea.  Jada Pinkett Smith has unveiled a platform that enables her, her delightful mother, and her witty daughter to share their clever, intuitive insights with the world.  Quite frankly, their perspective combined with the show’s delivery, is a breath of fresh air.  And dare I say, suggestive of that of the great Ms. Oprah Winfrey.  My coffee cup, which went half empty after Oprah left daytime television…well… interestingly enough…now feels filled at the end of each show.  With each episode, my spirit grows a little, and my caffeine deprived inner being has finally found a way to quench its thirst.

Jada’s charismatic disposition, effortless candor and her clear viewpoints surrounding love and life are rooted in common sense.  Logic.  She basically says what many know to be true about many topics and viewers can’t help but nod their heads in agreement.  So, yes, for all those that are missing Oprah’s presence on daytime talk show television – tune in to Red Table Talk and take a sip of the hot beverage they are serving.

Red Table Talk is, however, at the moment underrated.  Though growing, for some reason it has not yet garnered the deserved attention I believe it should already have.  Perhaps they need a bigger platform?  Reminiscent of Oprah’s stage (I mean that both literally and figuratively speaking).  Jada’s voice is more than just an extension of Oprah’s – it is modern-day chit chatting at its finest – making its debut at a time in which such viewpoints are either faint or absent altogether.

Red Table Talk has about 70,000 Twitter followers, a little over 321,000 YouTube subscribers, 2.5 million Instagram followers, and over 8.7 million followers on Facebook.


By: Dear Miss Penny


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