Miss Penny’s Monthly Horoscopes

May 2020

– by Dee


Current conditions may be making you feel restless and restricted, it’s not your best month.  Try to find some deeper meaning in it all and use that to guide your actions and communications.  Love may present some interesting challenges now, use your innate powers of curiosity and flexibility to keep things humming and you’ll survive!


Polarities are emphasized for Scorpio now.  For those confined, you may realize more freedom in that state, yet it also may also bring out a certain amount of eccentric fixity in yourself or others.  You may find yourself frustrated at the same time, so stay aware and don’t get caught in the undertow.  Opportunities that were not viable before, may present themselves again, so take some time to investigate and examine your options closely.


It can be a satisfying birthday month for Taurus, if not the most festive. Your progress on projects will be smooth and may allow you to visit (or revisit) some enjoyable undertakings.  Communications should prove interesting as well. The lack of outside distraction can make it easier to keep to productive routines and allow you to set your own pace. That’s the best of both worlds for Taurus, so enjoy it while it lasts.


Communications can stall along with a productive social life right now.  However, you may find yourself discovering new avenues of thought which can lead to insightful directions for the future.  Read, write, take an online workshop or two, and indulge in the benefits that result from each experience.  There may be some differences in opinion with that special someone in your life, but try to see if merging both your way and their way can lead to a novel third way for both of you.


It’s a good time to reconnect, Leo, whether that be with friends, projects, hobbies or goals. When dealing with resistance (and you may encounter some this month) it’s best to figure out a way to combine new strategies with methods that have worked in the past – it can be done!  Your natural charm and communication skills are shining brighter that usual, so use them to fix any issues or dissipate any chaos currently in your life.


Leave the daunting projects for later if possible. Use this time for seeking out new and fun ways to expand your personal horizons.  Libra is good at networking with others and this is the perfect time for you to utilize that ability in whatever way you can. Home and family matters need a practical yet optimistic approach, plus a large dose of patience.  So stay resilient and steadfast!


You may find yourself doing a bit of an about-face in May.  Choices you didn’t expect to have may present themselves and you can find yourself choosing differently than you thought you would. In some cases you find you can have your cake and eat it too, always a thrill for Gemini.  Dealing with confusing situations or people can try your patience now, but stay focused and keep things in perspective.


Still swimming with the current, and mostly happy to do so.  A happy medium between smelling the roses and grounding the body is helpful for you now.  Later in the month irritability rises and communications can become somewhat testy.  Undercut potential misunderstandings by paying attention to practical needs, both yours and others.  Offer positive but realistic encouragement as needed.


It’s a month of making the best of small potential opportunities.  They are out there if you look for them, but will likely require effort to make them into something workable.  Choose one or two, focus that sharp Aries energy on the first few steps and see what can be created.  Aries usually adores a good challenge and you might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


Though you are enjoying some downtime, don’t let too many things fall to the wayside. Intuition is strong and that is good news, especially for those who write, paint, and look after others.  Those that engage with their creative subconscious will feel quite fulfilled this month.  Loved ones from near and far can show their reliability and devotion in ways that warm your heart, don’t be afraid to show your appreciation.


You get a confidence boost this month, yet at the same time certain ongoing worries may increase as well.  You’re not in the mood for distractions, yet conditions may temporarily insist upon it.  Capricorn feels best when they can handle and resolve issues.  Now is a good time to realize that there are different ways of solving a problem.  So, try something novel yet subtle, maybe scale a hill rather than move a mountain.


A jolt of energy stirs you, how to best make use of it?  Staying physically active is one good way, connecting with or through special hobbies or projects is another.  Your motivation is high, so be sure try to make the most of it.  You can deflect certain problems by gently speaking your truth and lacing it with a touch of wit and irony, give it a go.

About Dee

Dee has spent the majority of her life with her head in the stars, pursuing all things astrological. She began her self-studies at an early age and later went on to study under-renowned astrologers: Lynne Palmer, Zoltan Mason and Chloe Z. Clark. Dee began her professional career as a consultant in 1978, in Manhattan. She has taught classes in both disciplines, authored several astrology columns for newsletters and local newspapers, and has published articleS for a Tarot magazine.