3 Depths of Love

3 depths of love

Three depths of love that we may find us during a lifetime:

Blind Love (or First Love):

This love often happens at a young age.  You eventually grow apart or call it quits over silly or serious things.  When you get older you may look back and think it wasn’t love.  However, in actuality, it was love for what you knew love to be.  The first time we find ourselves “in-love” may also remind us how vulnerable and naïve we once were.  That vulnerability for many, may have us categorize this love as the kind you could get lost in or perhaps, lose yourself in.  Many times, because it is our first time feeling so strongly for someone else, the force may be drowning or even consuming.  It is the kind of love where you don’t know what hit you after you dipped your toe in the water, but somehow you found yourself in the deep end.

Tough Love:

This love teaches a lesson.  It’s the hard one.  Often, it can feel like a roller coaster.  It can hurt and make you stronger all at the same time.  You’re in, you’re out, you’re up, you’re down.  It can often be filled with pain, lies, betrayal, drama and damage.  But this love is the kind where we experience the most growth.  We realize what we love about love and what we hate about it.  After this love we know the difference between good and bad in terms of what sorts of relationships compliment us and what are detrimental to our hearts.  After this love many of us emerge jaded, closed, skeptical, wiser, careful, cautious, and downright pickier.  We emerge knowing what we want and what we don’t want in a future, significant other.

The Best Kind of Love:

This love sneaks up on us.  Unexpectedly.  With no warning.  You don’t go looking for this love – it finds you.  You can put up as many walls as you want, only to watch them slowly and softly crumble.  It’s easy.  Uncomplicated.  And most importantly, satisfying.  When you find this love you consider yourself lucky and blessed.  You cherish it and hold on to it with great affection.  You often find yourself lost in your daydreams or smiling to yourself.  It calms the mind and fills your spirit.  It delivers you to a state of euphoria and you experience an inexplicable sense of peace.

Whether you have been lucky when it comes to love or not, just remember to trust the universe.  Some may not like to hear the cliché phrase: whatever is meant to be will be.  And that is true to an extent, as is: if you want something go after it.

However, when it comes to love, all we can do is play the cards we have been dealt in life. 

Logic often does not apply.  Walk your own path and whether it leads to any of the above or any variation of it, just know that what we do end up finding is unique to each of us.  There are too many exceptions to the rule when it comes to love and what constitutes happiness.  So… enjoy the ride!

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